So much more

by Loïs Le Van

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Official release : September 12th, 2016 on Hevhetia


released September 12, 2016

All music by Loïs Le Van except Alifib by Robert Wyatt, All Lyrics by François Vaiana except Alifib by Robert Wyatt

Loïs Le Van : voice
Sylvain Rifflet : tenor saxophone, clarinet
Bruno Ruder : piano
Chris Jennings : contrebasse


all rights reserved



Loïs Le Van France

He is what is missing in male jazz singing these days : he can break your heart - Patricia Barber

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Track Name: The circular stone
An ancient man one summer day
Has found a rock up on a hill.
It was round thus shaped by water
How could it have landed there?
In the sky where the sun is turning
All things are constantly revolving.
He grabs the stone, walks towards home
His life is waiting there.

A loving wife sits on a porch
The night is thick, she lights a torch.
Calm and still she spots a hill
A deer is there they stop and stare.
Up above where the moon is whirling
The stars are constantly revolving.
She throws a stone to shoo the doe,
its life's where wild things grow.

The moon was gone one winter night
A million stars were in his sight.
He is asking for an answer
To the reason all things change.
In the heavens the stars are dancing
His mind is constantly revolving.
He trips and falls into a creek
A stone puts him to sleep.
Track Name: Redwood meadow
Redwood Meadow has a house I haven't seen in years,
Ev'ry summer when it's hot it's mem'ries reappear,
By the house there is no garden only miles of sand,
Nothing grows, not food, nor people, they can't use their land.

Holding loosely on a mug was a girl named Rose,
Often she would weep with ev'ry dream sniffed up in her nose,
She'd wake up at the sound of her emptied coffee percolator,
Turn around and look at me like I was her savior,
I would shut the T.V. off and say: lets meet later.

Redwood Meadow had a car I drove just to feel free,
Dangling on the rear view mirror was a pine scent tree,
It's smell must have made sense but by then it disappeared,
Leaving in the air a taste of dusty souvenirs.

Clutching on the stick shift I would drive really fast,
Convinced I was a NASCAR hero I would have a blast,
I'd drop by the gas station so I could pick up some smokes and beer,
Turn around and go back home and drink just to see clear,
Then I'd ring the doorbell and say: how are you my dear?

Redwood Meadow had a life I lived to feel fulfilled,
Ev'ry summer when it's hot it's mem'ries give me chills,
I don't own a single picture proving it was real,
But by now I hope you know what really was the deal.
Track Name: False cocoon
Tear down all posters, please tear them one by one,
Throw a stone at the lights, and don't lament,
Break down all icons, please break them one by one,
Burn down fetishes they will repent.

You can break free from your false cocoon,
Search for tales deep in your lost lagoon,
Shed a light upon your darkest moon,
False cocoons will have you gone too soon.

You can crumble down your thickest shell,
Search for truth down in your deepest well,
Cherish seasons of your own monsoon,
False cocoons will have you gone too soon.

Rip off all labels, please rip them one by one,
Throwing bricks at your wall, won't cause a swoon,
Shut down all debates, please shut them one by one,
Now break free from your false co-o-coon.
Track Name: The old father and the polaroid
There's no explanation to this wild situation
Thought you were gone, left me to rot
Since then I have a habit I do with elation
I stand by the door more often than not
And now you've just appeared with a smile
Come inside the house the table's set just for two and
Let's play a game, I'll say your name
While you look at the man on the old Polaroid frame.

There will be no witness to all these circumstances
I am a fraud, he is away
I found the perfect house it was just happenstances
The door was unlocked, I don't have the key
And you have greeted me with a smile
Your generosity is putting me in great shame
I'll play the game, say it's my name
Though I am not the man in that old Polaroid frame.
Track Name: The messenger
Spirits, dancing around him,
Cheering, always inviting.

A land where no one's ever reborn,
Clocks forever at noon,
A place where there is no one to mourn,
And you can't see the moon.

They have waited years for this day,
Chanting for a savior to come,
Now he's here they hope he will stay,
In their timeless kingdom.

They offer him the finest things,
Glasses of a delicate wine,
Clothes made of feathers and wings,
Ev'rything that's Divine.

Spirits, dancing around him,
Cheering, but something's missing.

A land where nothing's ever reborn,
Somewhat doesn't feel right,
A kingdom that's forever at morn,
Isn't fit for a Knight.

They keep on bringing offerings,
Crowns made out of green cypress vines,
Precious stones carved into a ring,
Now they wait for a sign.

He stands up and he looks at the crowd,
Every one holds their breath,
Their spirits are on the highest cloud,
All is quiet as death.

He tells them he will leave for a land,
Where the moon meets the sun,
A place where nothing's ever in hand,
And you feel like you've won.
Track Name: So much more
An open door, a hardwood floor,
A fallen chair just laying there,
A whistle rings, the kettle sings,
There's no one there,
To witness that she's gone,
Beyond the door to other shores,
Deep down she knows there's so much more.

A busy street, a crowded square,
A million feet that never care,
Why people speak with so much air,
Yet no one's there,
To witness that she roams,
Among these streets with no defeat,
Because she knows there's so much more.
Track Name: Two elder sisters
"Washing your hands with a bar of soap will never
Clean the mud in between nails".

Two elder sisters laughing whole heartedly are
Playing chess up on a cloud,
One is choking in laughter as she moves her pawns around,
And the other's conniving a ploy to stir up the ground.

Two elder sisters bidding on every piece while they are moving on the board.
They are cheating by changing the rules as the game goes by.
"Using a broomstick ten times a day will never
Clean the dirt inside your pail".

They are talking in riddles unfolding their spells in air,
Looking down at the people affecting the ones with flair.

These are two sisters you can't escape at all
For their names are Karma and Fate.
Track Name: Spinal Chords and Vertabrae
Reaching for the East, Crawling to the West,
'Till I find the beast, I will never rest,
Banging in my chest, Is a rowdy quest,
Inspired by news, Painted by a muse,
Where the air is pure, Where the waters cure,
We must reassure, All we can endure,
Sailing to the edge, Sun will never set,
We will make a pledge, Never to reset,
Long as spinal chords, Hold on vertebrae,
Guarded with a sword, Light will always stay.
Track Name: Fighting waves
He wanders by the sea
And remembers the child within
Counting to ninety nine
As he walks with his both eyes closed
Adding with ev'ry step
A feeling not forgotten yet

He opens up his eyes
To the sight of the shades of blue
Laughing at all the years
Disappearing with ev'ry wave
His State I.D. in hand
Doesn't make any sense at all

Fighting waves that hit the shore
Pealing layers to the core

Flicking on a lighter
As he sets his papers on fire
He's bigger than a name
His whole life is down to the wire
Watching the fire die
As his body's called to the wild

Fighting waves that hit the shore
Pealing layers to the core

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